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Tailor-made for people for whom style is more obsession than afterthought, promising a high-octane injection of visual verve, personality and inspiration into the world of travel.

Say goodbye to underwhelming vacation rentals or routine ‘designer hotels.’ Upgrade to Boutique Homes and Small Hotels, brought to you by the folk who created Verana, a one-of-a-kind, truly handmade, boutique hotel in the jungle of Yelapa, Mexico.

With the same dedication to original design, dramatic location and unique experience, Heinz Legler and Veronique Lievre have done the legwork for you, drawing together a thrilling cache of vacation properties from personal homes and private compounds to small hotels.

The result is an exciting collection of architectural and design possibilities for a family vacation, romantic weekend tryst or business trip, guaranteed to please the most discriminating visual aesthete. We believe the photographs speak for themselves….