On our visit to Concord, CA. We had the amazing treat of having all arraignments to visit its attractions done by Lisa Rosas.

I’ll get right to the message of this article. We were able to come for the experience “as a family” with our two kids. We traveled to many places a such, from Mexico To New York, Yosemite, Hawaii and many more, but at the end of this trip, our kids said to us: This has been the best trip ever!

Ok, they have said that about other places, but the oint being, that seen through their eyes and hearts, a well-planned trip with activities for all in a place like Concord, is all you need to have great family time!

We stayed at the Concord Hilton, which across has the outdoors stylish Willows Shopping center  and  Slick Veranda shopping Center.  Our first scheduled activity was a dinner at The Mexican cuisine restaurant Puesto  and dessert at Pop Bar..yum! Such a treat after a long drive with kids!


The next day on a Saturday, we had breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant Plate & Vine, then with happy stomachs, a short drive to a tiny but charming amusement park named It was so refreshing to do “the amusement park thing” at a place that had an easy and small parking lot next to a nice park to being with. Then no long lines to get in or to wait in line for the rides! Ok, if you are expecting Disneyland this is not it, but again, for the kids and us it was an easy fun time.


For lunch, we had schedule Parma Deli. The area looked very average, even the mini-mall parking, but the moment we got in, it was a cute Italian style Deli.

Then , with all fresh cold cuts …….. to an afternoon family picnic in Markham Park

markham park

For dinner, we went to Mona’s burgers, and after for desert at Out of the Dough..yum again!

Sunday am, same breakfast then to the highlight of the trip, the Hurricane Harbor waterpark!

Which being at Concord, it did not have huge lines and transportation was easily provided by our hotel’s shuttle. We had a very wet blast!

Horricane Harbor splash

After it was time to drive home, the kids were exhausted and slept most of the way back!

This is a perfect vacation!

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