Fields of Dreams – 42nd Annual Block Party By Concern Foundation

Concern Pic

The 42nd annual Block Party raised over1.8 million for cancer research. This is a significant difference from 2015’s amount. The highest bid item was Adele concert tickets (box seats) and they sold at over $8,000. The spectacular event had over one hundred food and drink vendors plus countless volunteers with their year long effort. The Tom Nolan band headlined and there were other bits of entertainment including casino, hair, makeup, face painting, nails, massages, karaoke and more. With close to 4000 people attending on the Paramount Studios lot, this party has become Epic every year as it has to be one of the best in the country for such a great cause. If anyone knows or has lost anyone to cancer, they will understand how important this type of event is to partake and donate. For more info or to get involved, please visit their website at


Concern Foundation’s President, Derek Alpert, shared his thoughts about the event that night.

“Starting from a simple idea and watching that become a reality with thousands of moving parts coming together is a truly remarkable experience, one that sets Concern and our signature Block Party apart from most other organizations in this city. The ultimate reward for all of our efforts is, of course, the money raised for cancer research. This year’s Block Party was one of our most successful fundraising events yet—we’ve raised over $1.7 million and counting.” – Derek Alpert