Glen Oaks Big Sur Hotel & The Roadhouse Restaurant – Big Sur, CA

On our visit to Big Sur, CA, we had the great pleasure of staying at the Glen Oaks Motor Lodge.
We have visited Big Sur many times, and we thought the experience could not be better than before. After all, one spends most of their time outside! and most times you just want a place to sleep and take a shower: we were wrong.
Imagine Big Sur accommodations that have been inspired by its surroundings and give you a seamless feeling from the outside forest to your room.  Glen Oaks has a rustic yet modern feel, with original natural adobe walls and renewable stone to bamboo, Peroba wood, resin, organic wool, and cotton plus the natural colors palette chosen for this blending with a nature experience.


The location is divided by HWY 1. The top area has the front desk and several rooms with nice names instead of “numbers” (Ours was “The Cottage”) and the outdoor fireplace with all your s’mores needs at night! While across the HWY, all starts with its Roadhouse restaurant, which is actually a destination in its own right! This is no average lodge food: the food is excellent, making it a must stop even if you are not staying at the lodge and you are looking for a great place to eat.


Next to the Roadhouse begins a short hiking path to the lower area by the river and lots of redwoods, where the rest of the lodge’s cottages are. There is a path around them and by the river.  I could just stay in this area without the need to go anywhere! It is so peaceful and magical.


But wait, there’s more? I was informed by the helpful front desk person about the “Bridge House.”
This is an unbelievable space to gather a few families together for this 8 beds beautiful house across the river pronto!
It is a big beautiful modern cabin style house that has its own suspended bridge to get to it across the river. (You can drive across the river when the water is low); then you will be welcomed by a group of 5-6 surreal redwoods circle!
There is a path by the front yard to the house. In front of it, there’s an outdoor fire pit surrounded by more glorious redwoods and with a path that leads to two more independent rooms/sheds. Lastly but not least, being on the other side of the river, you get your own private riverfront!


So no, this is not one of the many Big Sur lodges that are just ok to sleep and take a shower and be out all day, this is a place that you will gladly like to go to, even to just take it easy and hang out there.  I highly recommend this serene, comfortable and modestly stylish, great quality motor lodge and restaurant.


Written by: Paulo Rosas
Photos by: Paulo Rosas
Glen Oaks Hotel/The RoadHouse Restaurant
47080 Highway 1
Big Sir, Ca 93920