Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood CA

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A visit to the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Hollywood is not to be missed.
We began our day at the wand boutique. This was a magical location filled with many wands from the several characters in Harry Potter. We were as fascinated as all the kids and excited to venture out to the land. We ended up getting the wands that had magical powers. We were told to go to several locations in the theme park to test them out.

The rides were thrilling and fun. We went on the roller coaster which the family loved and the kids begged to go again on. The set highly resembled the world of Harry Potter which put us in the mainframe of its mysteries.
We had a feast lunch Harry Potter style. The atmosphere lent itself to the theme.
There were many items to choose from such as fish & chips, corn on the cob, roasted chicken and more.
We made our way to a store that sold chocolate frogs. This was the treat of the day!

We did venture out to see the Minions and Jurassic Park areas. The minions 3D movie was a hit! We recommend the Minions for small children.
You can also see several films at the theme park including the Minions!

For anyone that loves these worlds, you will not leave empty handed. There are plenty of stores to purchase items in the themes you choose.

Overall, Harry Potter was magical, fun and a memory to last a lifetime.

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Harry Potter at universal studios CA

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