highland park – Los Angeles

highland park
Highland Park is a historic neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles. It is inhabited by a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic groups.
Our Favorites spots :
BA Restaurant – French 

ba restOpened by artist and chef James Graham and sculptor Julia Latané, Ba Restaurant is located at York Boulevard and Avenue 51 in Highland Park, Los Angeles, in a century old brick storefront. Filled with sunset, the artist-designed space boasts handcrafted furniture, wall treatments, upholstery, and lighting. On stepping into the powder blue and white Neo-Rococo entry, open drapes reveal the pale pink, taupe and white dining room. Works by artists Jaime Scholnick, Timothy Nolan, and Jasper Latané punctuate the precious dining room, which seats 24 guests.

5100 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90042  


The York On York – Bar/ Restaurant 

yorkHighland Park feels particularly alive at night, when young arrivals gather at places like the York , a stylish gastropub with brick walls and chalkboard menus. On weekends, the L-shaped bar is often five deep with floppy-haired students from Occidental College nearby, local women in short skirts and high heels and artist types from Silver Lake with shaggy beards and trucker hats.

5018 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Fusion Burgers – Great Burgers / Casual eats
fusion burger5933 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042




Good Girl - Vietnamese diner

good girl nAmerican diner meets vietnamese comfort food

110 North Ave 56
Los Angeles , CA 90042




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Matters of space  - Home, Art, Accessories

matters of spaceWe are PJ and Katerina, the creators of Matters of Space and we believe that great professional design should be accessible to all, not limited by social or financial shortcomings. Our goal is to help people by bringing beauty and comfort to their environments, whether it be where they live, where they shop, where they eat, or where they work. We believe that a home should be a reflection of its inhabitants’ inner creativity and personal taste, a retail space should tell a story, and a restaurant should create a mood for good times.  Our job as designers is to solve spatial dilemmas and advise our clients in a way that does not impose on them a style or a fad, but rather considers the specific needs of a human surrounded by walls…    mattersofspace.com 

Platform- Home, Gifts, Accessories, Clothing

platformPlatform; a multi-purpose concept space, offering an art gallery, retail environment and studio…specializing in home staging, home styling, workshops, pop-up shops & prop rentals, platforming everything we love, create and are inspired by!     www.theplatformexperiment.com