Two Bunch Palms

A gem to find in Desert Hot Springs: Two Bunch Palms will bring you the tranquility and comfort desired. The mineral pools are a hi-light. At a cooled 99-104 from the natural earth’s 169 degree temperature the waters have a healing effect even under the heat. They are restorative and refreshing. Along side the pools there are also a number of spa treatments to choose from.
We enjoyed the Watsu which is a special floating style massage in warm water.
While floating, being cradled, rocked and stretched all in water, one is transported quickly to high meditative state.

This is a place to let go, put your robe on and walk freely through the acres of land.
The resort is on a gated 77 acres built in 1930.
The resort offers bikes, tennis and several classes from yoga, tai chi, meditation, juicing, nature trails and more.
The wildlife and food to feed the ducks, fish and turtles bring joy to the grounds.

The newly redone rooms are modern, chic and clean. It is a perfect day or evening walk past the lake and surrounded by mountains.

The farm to table restaurant offers a perfect variety of fresh and tasteful entrees.
One is welcome to be dressed or eat in their robe even in the evening.
Some of our favorites are the Artisan lettuces: grilled peaches, avocado, from age and candied pecans and the roasted rack of lamb. After a fulfilling meal anight soak is a must.

Wether going to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or just the perfect weekend Two Bunch Palms will bring you relaxation, rejuvenation and connection. From the setting, classes, spa therapies, mineral pools and starry nights this is a unique and peaceful experience never to be forgotten.

Two Bunch Palms
67425 Two Bunch Palms Trail
Desert Hot Springs, Ca 92240